I have been working with e-learning solutions for about 15 years now, and one thing that isn’t about to change next year is the reasons why I still work with LearnDash and WordPress.

In this post, I go through a few of these reasons with some pros and cons.

Why Choose LearnDash in 2024?

People often ask why I specialized in LearnDash and not with other LMS plugins in the WordPress ecosystem. Why choose LearnDash instead of a SaaS platform, or another plugin.

In this very short post, I summarize my 10 reasons why choose LearnDash. I also add a few caveats.

  • Flexibility: LearnDash offers great flexibility to course creators as they can customize their online experience based on their needs and educational goals. LearnDash features include the ability to create courses from scratch, integrate quizzes, track learner progress, and issue certificates.
  • Caution ! : LearnDash can sometimes seem limited, particularly in terms of reporting, but also automation. Before choosing LearnDash for your platform, it is better to have clear ideas about what features you expect.
  • Shortcodes and blocks: A great advantage of LearnDash is the variety and quantity of shortcodes and blocks that are made available to us. The full list (in English) is available here.
  • Integrations: LearnDash offers integrations with many other popular platforms, including WooCommerce, SureCart, SureMembers, The Events Calendar, Google Sheets, Zapier, and more. This is good for course creators who want to connect their LMS to other tools and services to provide a more complete learning experience.
  • Caution ! : Some of these integrations require purchasing an additional service or plugin. This results in additional costs for your LMS project.
  • Warning again! : Sometimes it doesn’t work. For certain subjects, it is better to call on a developer to automate precisely what you need.
  • Community Support: LearnDash has a very active and engaged community that offers support and help to users. Users can ask questions, find answers to their problems, and share ideas with other course creators. In my opinion, this is a big plus of using LearnDash. Other LMS plugins for WordPress do not have this dynamism. Access the official Facebook community in English, or the French-speaking Facebook group.
  • Caution ! : Official LearnDash support is for people who have a valid paid license. And we have to face the facts, they don’t always have the right answer!
  • Design libraries: the most popular themes and page builders for WordPress offer several very attractive site designs. I’m taking Kadence as an example (are you looking for the best theme for your website, or your e-learning site? Find out why Kadence is our preferred choice). Kadence offers several Starter Templates that integrate really well with LearnDash. In a few minutes, you can start building your LMS. This is a great factor that justifies why choose LearnDash for your LMS.
  • Focus mode: So, focus mode is a feature developed by LearnDash which eliminates visual distractions when the trainee finds themselves in the content of a training course. It’s very practical and it gives the impression that we are in a special part of the site, a part that is reserved for us. By default, I always activate focus mode on my clients’ sites.
  • Gamification: LearnDash offers gamification tools to encourage trainees to continue their learning. Rewards, badges and points are used to encourage learners to progress in their learning. Gamification helps motivate learners and increase their engagement in the learning process.
  • Responsive: LearnDash is designed to be compatible with mobile devices, allowing learners to complete courses from anywhere. Course creators can also use mobile-friendly content formats, such as videos and infographics, to enhance the learning experience for learners.
  • Trainee tracking: Through ProPanel (paid add-on), LearnDash offers reports on learner performance and engagement in courses. These reports provide data on time spent on the course, number of lessons completed, test and quiz scores, and other engagement and participation metrics. Course creators can use this data to evaluate the effectiveness of their content and improve the learning experience for their learners.
  • Intellectual property: A WordPress site belongs to you. The structure, code and content. And that, I can say, is priceless, and that’s a great reason why choose LearnDash.

LearnDash, an Obvious Choice in 2024?

For me, it’s always a no-brainer to choose LearnDash for LMS. I hope this list answers the question of why to choose LearnDash.

I say that, and I have tried all the most important LMS plugins. It is for the reasons mentioned above that I continue to offer services to my clients with LearnDash.

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