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LMS Transition Made Simple

Take your e-learning platform to the next level by migrating to LearnDash & WordPress.

Whether you’re an educational institution, a corporate training entity, or an individual educator, making the switch to LearnDash promises a transformative learning experience. Tu succeed, your migration to LearnDash project requires true attention to detail and expertise.

Our migration service ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to harness the full potential of LearnDash without the hassle.

Why Move to LearnDash?

With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive course creation tools, LearnDash empowers educators and organizations to deliver engaging online courses. A migration to LearnDash may sound complicated, but you’ll feel the benefits on day 1.

Make the leap to LearnDash for a more effective and efficient e-learning experience.

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We Are Data Migration to LearnDash Experts

This is a list of data we can migrate to a LearnDash, WordPress and WooCommerce site.

  • Courses, content and all related metadata
  • Videos, to the appropriate streaming solution
  • Content created with Elementor or Divi, and port them to Gutenberg blocks
  • Users, along with all user metadata
  • Payment methods, subscriptions, orders …

Any special need? Simply ask us.

We Have Experience Migrating From …

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LearnDash Migration Step-by-Step Process

  • Contact & pre-analysis
  • Quotation & detailed planning
  • Environment preparation
  • Migration dry-run
  • Migration of courses & users
  • Post-migration support

LearnDash Migration Quote

Each migration to LearnDash is unique and must be planned according to your challenges and constraints. Learning Pixels offers migration services on quotation, and after an initial 30-minute exploratory meeting on Zoom.

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Questions about Migrating to LearnDash

The price varies depending on the LMS platform you are migrating from, the amount of data to be migrated and your current training structure. For this reason, each migration to LearnDash is quoted on an individual basis.

Prices start at $ 1000.

Depending on the LMS platform we are migrating from and your specific needs, migrations typically take 1-4 weeks.

If you are in an emergency and need to quickly perform a migration to LearnDash for your e-learning site, we will be happy to pay particular attention to your migration at no additional cost if our schedule allows it.

During a migration project to LearnDash, we do not perform any action on the original website. Your data is therefore safe.

When we transfer to LearnDash, we perform various data extractions and temporarily store it on our secure servers. We clean the data and prepare it for integration with LearnDash.

Backup copies are taken at each important stage.

Possibly. Some migrations require between 1 and 48 hours of downtime, also called “downtime”. We have developed certain techniques and tools that allow us to reduce this downtime to a minimum, and sometimes even completely eliminate it.

We know this time is valuable, and work with you to reduce it to an acceptable minimum.

Sure thing! LearnDash has a demo that’s available to everyone. Just follow this link.