PowerPoint to LearnDash

PowerPoint to LearnDash

Do you want to modernize your training practice? Do you have tons of PowerPoint to convert to LearnDash? You can rely on our expertise and our tools to accomplish this transition in no time.

Our PowerPoint to LearnDash conversion service will allow you to reuse your content and make it available to your trainees, on your modern LMS platform.

Convert PowerPoint Files to LearnDash, a Modern Web Format

Training organizations and companies have been making major efforts to modernize their training for several years. The main reasons that push them to digitize their offer:

  • Allow the transition from classroom to distance learning.
  • Allow trainees to learn at their own pace, without requiring recurring and restrictive appointments with their trainer.
  • Finally, being able to sell more, and reduce costs!

A challenge of many organizations…

This modernization almost necessarily involves adapting training materials. These tools in PowerPoint formats, questionnaires in Excel, and others, have been the subject of investment but need to be reviewed in order to make the most of the advantages of e-learning.

We can convert the following formats to LearnDash

PowerPoint LearnDash
Google Slides LearnDash
OpenOffice LearnDash
Apple Keynote LearnDash

Are your trainings in another format? Contact us.

PowerPoint to LearnDash: Quote

A Migration Project Must be Planned!

Several approaches are available to us to convert your course materials to LearnDash and digitize your training paths. Depending on your budget and your schedule, we can offer suitable solutions.

Our Expertise

  • Tailored Project
  • Slides Extraction
  • Visual Enhancement
  • Content Import
  • SCORM or LearnDash

PowerPoint to LearnDash: Questions?

The price varies depending on the LMS platform you are migrating from, the amount of data to be migrated and your current training structure. For this reason, each migration is quoted on an individual basis.