LearnDash Site Audit

LearnDash Site Audit

Have you built your LMS yourself and want a fresh look before launching your LearnDash site? Perhaps you operate a mature LearnDash site, but you’re wondering how to keep and secure your current performance? We will get you straight with our LearnDash site audit service.

LearnDash Site Audit : Why?

Auditing a website, and more specifically a LearnDash LMS site, means acquiring a concrete, complete and objective view of the state of your site. The audit makes it possible to identify the problems and to give an action plan to correct them. Our LearnDash site audit will also give you an expert opinion on the positioning of your site according to the market and your niche.

The most common reasons why our customer ask us for an audit:

  • A LearnDash site built by a trainer himself, self-taught in web development. The client wants to make sure his site follows the various best practices (structure, design, performance, SEO, security, etc.) before the big launch! We often see this scenario in the LearnDash ecosystem, because of the relatively low cost of plugins that favour do-it-yourself projects.
  • A LearnDash site that has been running for years and generating revenue for our client, but has recently experienced either a decline in technical performance or a decline in sales.
  • A LearnDash site that is not working well, and whose owner would like to have concrete leads to put his site back in order.

Auditing your LearnDash site means ensuring its sustainability and promoting its growth.

What are the Pillars of a LearnDash Site Audit?


  • Loading Times
  • Bugs
  • SEO
  • Plugins & theme coherence
  • Security, GDPR, Hosting

In a nutshell: is the site well built and on strong foundations?

User Experience

  • User workflows
  • Content quality and structure
  • Design
  • Accessibility

In a nutshell: are users able to use the site without worries, is it easy to buy and register?

Market Fit

  • Analysis of service offer / value proposition and performance
  • Market Position
  • Opportunities

In a nutshell: does this site really provide the value it offers, and what is its positioning in relation to competitors?

Do you have specific objectives not listed here? Contact us.

Audit LearnDash : obtenir un devis

Comprehensive LearnDash Site Audit

  • Technical
  • User Experience
  • Market Fit

To perform the audit, we will need administrator access to your site. Following our intervention, you get a concrete action plan in PDF format and Loom video recordings if relevant. We’ll plan a presentation call, then a follow-up call a month later.

Our Expertise

  • Planification
  • Besoins utilisateurs
  • Pas de downtime
  • Actions concrètes

LearnDash Site Audit: Questions?

It is you, or a provider to whom you can delegate this work. Our audits include the deliverables mentioned above. No changes to your site will be made.

If you want these changes to be made by us, we will be happy to provide an estimate following the audit. Each site being different, the modifications to be made often vary and are subject to an estimate.

Depending on the status of your site and our availability, the audit of your LearnDash site may be carried out within a week.

If you are in a hurry and need to quickly audit your LearnDash site, we will be happy to pay special attention to your request at no additional cost if our schedule allows it.

Of course. In essence, auditing is an observation exercise. We are not making any changes to your website.

No. LearnDash auditing is transparent to your users and does not cause any service outages or visible visual impact.

No. LearnDash auditing is transparent to your users and does not cause any service interruptions.