learndash migration

LearnDash Migration

Want to migrate your current LMS to LearnDash? Rely on our expertise.

LearnDash’s reputation is second to none, and that’s why training organizations prefer this platform. Get expert support for a successful migration to LearnDash.

Three Principles for a Successful Migration to LearnDash

Top-notch Planning

Understanding the starting point and desired end point helps ensure a successful migration to LearnDash. Plan the steps according to your constraints, with the aim of minimizing the impact on users.

Data Security

Your customers trust you with their data, and as a service provider you want to reassure them about the storage and processing carried out. We master the regulations and techniques related to the security of your data.

Choosing the Right Solutions

No need to go through Tokyo to go to Paris. We offer the simplest, long-lasting solutions to meet your requirements. We hate complexity.

How does a LearnDash Migration Project… happen?

Contact & Pre-analysis

First, we get in touch and talk about your LearnDash project, your needs and your constraints. We determine together if your project seems feasible to us and if we are able to support you. You get an estimated budget. This exchange by Zoom is free.

Quotation & Project Planning

We carry out a complete study allowing us to clearly define the scope of the migration and to raise assumptions and risks. We carry out an estimate and a planning of your project. You now have the important elements to make the right decision.

Execution, Testing & Go-live

We carry out the data transfers on the target LearnDash site and set up series of tests to validate the quality of the work carried out. We help with the launch, review the communication plan together and ensure a seamless transition for your users.

After the work is done…

Each of our projects comes with support and personalized follow-up after the launch of your LearnDash site.

  • We offer you support following the migration, the duration is variable depending on the project.
  • We schedule follow-up calls and give the finishing touches if necessary.
  • Tell us what you need…

What data can we migrate to LearnDash?

Data TypeInformations
CoursesCourse name, description, image
Content of the Course page
Categories and Tags
Type of Course
Custom Fields (ACF)
Course ContentCourse structure
Content (text, audio, video, images, etc.)
UsersUser accounts
Training registration
Progression within a course
Certificates obtained
Custom Fields (ACF)
User GroupsEnrolment
Subscriptions & Payment MethodsUser subscription
Payment Methods & Authorizations
Coupons and discounts

Need something else? Simply ask us.

We can Migrate the Following LMS to LearnDash

Migration vers LearnDashLearningCart to LearnDash
Moodle LMS to LearnDash
Learnpress to LearnDash
LifterLMS to LearnDash
WP-Courseware to LearnDash
MasterStudy LMS to LearnDash
Sensei LMS to LearnDash
Teachable to LearnDash
Thinkific to LearnDash
TalentLMS to LearnDash

Using another one? Contact us.

LearnDash Migration: Quote

A Migration Project Must be Planned!

Each migration to LearnDash is unique and must be analyzed and planned according to your challenges and constraints. Learning Pixels offers migration services on quotation, and after an initial 30-minute exploratory meeting on Zoom.

Our Expertise

  • Project planning
  • Users Communication
  • Data Extraction & Cleanup
  • Data Import
  • No (or very little) downtime

LearnDash Migration: Questions?

How much does a LearnDash migration cost? The price varies depending on the LMS platform you are migrating from, the amount of data to be migrated and your current training structure. For this reason, each migration is quoted on an individual basis.

Depending on the LMS platform we are migrating from and your specific needs, migrations typically take 1-2 weeks maximum.

If you are in an emergency and need to quickly migrate your e-learning site, we will be happy to pay particular attention to your migration at no additional cost if our schedule allows it.

Yes. During a migration project to LearnDash, we do not perform any action on the original website. Your data is therefore safe.

When we transfer to LearnDash, we perform various data extractions and temporarily store it on our secure servers. We clean the data and prepare it for integration with LearnDash.

Backup copies are taken at each important stage.

Our team offers a fully managed and supervised migration service. It’s also the friendliest, easiest, and least error-prone way to switch to LearnDash. With our supervised service, custom migration scripts, and development power, you can rest assured that every course, lesson, and student will be successfully transferred to your new site.

Of course! We only intervene on your platforms on your behalf. Learning Pixels will not retain any migration or customer data after the migration.

No! We have developed tools and techniques that allow us to clean your data, whether training or user data. Tell us about your project, and we will be able to help you.

It depends! When migrating from another LMS to LearnDash, the user experience will be different. For example, the login module could be different. Users should be supported in the change. This service is included in all our migration projects, because we know how much users need to be guided through these changes.

It’s possible. Some migrations require between 1 and 48 hours of downtime, also called “downtime”. We have developed certain techniques and tools that allow us to reduce this downtime to a minimum, and sometimes even completely eliminate it.

We know this time is valuable, and work with you to reduce it to an acceptable minimum.

It is important to form your own opinion. We believe that in 2023, LearnDash is the best tool to create your own e-learning platform, for a multitude of reasons. raisons énoncées dans cet article.